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Finally the results have come through - see "Results " page !!     1/5/19

Summer exam details added 29/3/19

Amendment of Pre Primary Exam class schedule added to EXAM page 29/3/19

Amendment to Pre Primary class time at St Marys next term to 4.45  added 26/3/19

NEWSLETTER - MARCH 2019     added 11/3/19

The “Parents Watching Week” ( March 27th & 28th ) format will be different this term to accommodate a Presentation to Miss Tara. Families are most welcome to come along as usual.

The children will all be dancing at the same time and can watch the others when it is not their turn!!

Wednesday 27th March in Pewsey All at 4.30 until approximately 5.30

Thursday 28th March in Marlborough all children will be at St Marys with a slightly different format to Pewsey.

4.30 Pre Primarys only but are welcome to stay to watch the older children and Presentation.            

5.15 Primary,Gde 1,2,4,5,6,7 and families to be seated so we can start by 5.45.                           

I appreciate that the few children who are at school further afield may not arrive in time to dance but am sure they would like to be part of saying goodbye to Miss Tara

I anticipate the afternoon finishing at approximately 6.45


Exam entries for Summer term MUST be registered with me by March 28th at the latest. Those that this concerns should receive an entry form on 13th/14th March. I am sorry this is short notice but the closing date has been brought forward by Regional HQ.

In future card machine payments will no longer be available. Payment should be made on line or cheque using your child's name as reference no. Account details are on the invoices.

Summer Term commences Wednesday 24th April

Replacement and extra classes for Gde 2's & 7's - details on exam page posted 18/02/19

 NEWSLETTER January 2019     posted 18/02/19
  I am sorry to have to break the news that Miss Tara will be leaving at the end of this term due to her back problems and wishing to spend more time with her daughter. There will be a collection for her and card for the children to sign which will be left with a Mum from each class over the next few weeks

As a consequence of this news I am re arranging the timetable and venues for the Summer Term as follows. All Marlborough classes will take place at St Mary's School. Slight alteration to Pewsey Timetable. PLEASE CHECK TIMETABLE PAGE FOR CLASS TIMES

I will be working with Miss Laura until we can find a replacement. 

If either of us are unavailable the classes will amalgamate.

I think I have covered all the differing school bus return times but if anyone has a major problem with the timetable please let me know asap.

For your phones - MissLaura's contact details; 07725035678


SNOW or ICY Road conditions - if we have to cancel classes I will post it on this website and on our Facebook page.

Cancelled classes due to bad weather conditions will not be refunded. You may replace any by attending another class of similar standard at another venue during the same or following term     30/01/19

Classes at ST JOHNS cancelled on Thursday 28th February , replaced Monday 25th February, same times.  listed 15/01/19

Amendment of Thursdays timetable listed 15/01/19

Confirmation of January Timetable listed 29/11/18

Term dates  added 29/11/18

Spring exam details  added 29/11/18

Cinderella DVD's are still being processed added 29/11/18

Newsletter December 2018

Dates               12th & 13th December                Watching Week

                          13th December                           End of Term

                          9th January                                Spring Term commences

                         12th January                               1st Saturday Exam Class

                         20th & 21st February                  Half Term

                         27th & 28th March                      Watching Week

                         28th March                                 End of Term

                         24th April                                    Summer Term commences

                         29th & 30th May                          Half Term

                           7th July                                     Presentation Day (pm)

                         11th July                                     End of Term

Timetable     Please check the timetable page

Cinderella The show was a great success and feed back has been excellent. We have not had the final figures yet although I can confirm that sale of tickets was down. The DVDs are not ready yet, I have proofed it and am now awaiting the final result.

RAD Exams ��" Spring Session Alternative dates have been applied for and I will put our provisional date on the website as soon as I receive it.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas !!

Miss Liz, Miss Tara & Miss Laura

x x x